Have you had products shipped for free?

by Priscilla Queen

Shopping online can be a bit tricky. You expect to get the same kind of deal online like you do in the stores. You don’t expect to pay an outrageous amount for your purchase in the store so why should you pay a lot more online? Isn’t buying online supposed to be a convenience that shouldn’t have a price tag added to it?

So how can you get a good deal online? That really depends on what store you visit. If you know what store to visit, you can get some really good deals.

For example, the retail clothing store JCPenney is offering its customers the low prices online as you see in store. There is a catch, however. When you purchase something online, you are paying for the product, the taxes and the shipping too. Does JCPenny offer the good deals online like they do in the stores? Yes, they do. Yet, they are realizing the difference between online costs and in-store costs.

JCPenney executives feel like you don’t have to. They understand that shipping charges can be outrageous. The more you order, the more you have to pay to get them shipped to your house.

JCPenney is wanting to give its customers more products for less money. How are they doing this? By offering you free shipping. Would you like to pay $50 and taxes but no shipping on your outfits.

Now how you can get on this kind of deal? You’ll need to locate a free coupon code before you order your products. The kind of deals you can get really matters on two things which are what you buy or how much money you spend.

Where can you find these coupons? Try to locate them on the Internet through your preferred search engine. There are many sites out there that can help you find the right coupon for your needs.

What kind of coupons do they offer? If you are looking for a good shipping deal, some coupons out there are:

Free shipping for orders $49 or more. Free shipping for orders $69 or more. Free shipping for orders $75 or more. Free shipping with no minimum order (This is rare but can be found).

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