How to Wash Your Hair Properly

by Jennifer Summers

Few people know this but there is a right way to wash your hair to get it properly clean. And by washing your hair properly will have a great impact on the bounce and shine of you hair. But the chances are very high that you are probably washing you hair all wrong, and consequently not getting the great looking hair that you could have.

Step 1. – Begin. Start by giving your hair a good brushing before you get into the shower. This will reduce hair breakage, help loosen dirt and keep to a minimum the number of hair caught in your shower drain. After you have finished brushing, you need to thoroughly and completely wet your hair using warm water (not hot). To get a good wash you need to wet your hair well as washing your hair with dry hair is hard.

Step 2. – Putting on the shampoo. Often most people go about this part all wrong. The usual thing is that they squeeze a big dollop of shampoo onto their hand, slap this on their hair then start scrubbing away thinking they are washing well. This is a big no-no. Start off by selecting only the best hair care products that are more concentrated and use the highest quality ingredients. With these products you only need a small amount of shampoo.

Step 3. – The correct way to wash your hair. There are two common mistakes that people often make when they wash their hair: 1). Over-vigorous scrubbing/massaging 2). Rinsing too quickly. After applying the shampoo to your hair, the correct way to wash your hair is to massage your hair and scalp very gently. Scrubbing your hair and scalp does not make your hair any cleaner. After massaging your hair gently for a short while, you can leave shampoo in for up to 5 minutes to get a really good clean.

Step 4. – Rinse and Repeat. After you have given your hair a proper shampooing, you need to get al the grime, dirt and shampoo lather out of your locks. It’s important that when you rinse your hair, your rinse it properly. There can still be plenty of shampoo left in your hair, even after you think you have rinsed it out. When you have given you hair a thorough rinsing, you can if need be give you hair a second wash. Your hair is clean when it squeaks.

You can make a big difference to the look and the feel of your hair when you begin washing it properly. It’s easy to do, just go through the 4 steps outlined above and you will have clean and healthy looking in no time, every time. And if you use top quality hair products that salon a professional uses, you will really begin to notice the difference and be pleased with how healthy and clean looking your hair can become.

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