How to Handle Your Online Life After a Break-up

So you got dumped. Perhaps you could move on with your life. Get a grip and trudge through work, college, and so forth. But each you log onto an online website to update your status or see what your pals are up to, there he is.

It is a hard reminder of your break up. Each time you sign on and see an image of him out hitting up on girls from last weekend or one of those sickeningly adorable photos of him with his new girlfriend, it makes you want to just delete your account and crawl under a rock.

Well, what can you do? You cannot just become a digital hermit, right? Here are a few tips about No Contact after breakup.

The very first thing you should understand that un-friending him or blocking him is only about to make you seem annoyed or like there’s a lot of negative feelings between you. If you’ve got any goal of staying in touch or getting back together, this isn’t what you need to do.

As an alternative change your display settings so that you do not get updates from him. You can stay friends with somebody in most social networks without being battered by their updates. You also have to have the strength to not actively look at his account for the present too.

Let’s face it, you need time to get yourself together from the split and pull your life back together. Continually being reminded of him and how he is moving on isn’t going to help. This is actually the best way to manage yourself online during the next few weeks till you are feeling prepared to open the lines of contact again.

If you’d like to get him back, you also need to continue using your social networking internet sites to color a positive picture of your life. Post photos of you being happy and outgoing.

Avoid posting those vague, depressing status updates like “You think you had the last laugh, but karma is real.” Not only does no one really know who this is aimed at, and it seems amazingly negative (not something you need folk associating with you).

So the best plan is to limit your exposure to your ex during the weeks directly following the break. You also want to portray a positive and upbeat perspective online since this may make it seem as if you are a hopeful person instead of a downer.

If you want to learn more about get your boyfriend back online, check out my guide: Ex Boyfriend Blocked You.

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