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Struggle in Africa, as almost everywhere, is due to human action, and can be ended by human motion. This is actually the truth that shames us for each and every conflict that we allow to remain a problem, and emboldens us to think that many of us can address and handle every conflict that we decide to confront.

For the U . N . there is absolutely no larger goal, no deeper devotion with out greater aspirations than stopping armed conflict so that people almost everywhere can take advantage of peace and abundance. In The continent of africa, as elsewhere, the U . N . more and more is being essential to react to intra-State uncertainty and conflict. In those conflicts, the main purpose, to an alarming degree, is the destruction not of armies but of civilians and entire ethnical groups.

Preventing such wars has stopped being a question of guarding States or protecting allies. This can be a question of protecting the human race itself.

Africa is not peaceful. More than 30 wars have already been fought in Africa since 1970, and most of these happen to be internal rather than inter-state wars. In 1996 alone, 14 of the 53 countries of Africa were involved with armed conflicting situations, and they resulted in more than 8 million refugees and homeless human beings. And also this is ahead of recent eruption of war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo which includes now involved many of the states in the Great Lakes region and beyond. These types of conflicts have been classified by serious violence. In Rwanda alone, in a matter of 100 days, about a million people were massacred – a degree of deaths that is almost unprecedented in world historical past. So even when there are “good” reasons for conflicts, there isn’t any “good” reasons why these issues degenerate into violence and violence that shame humanity.

The existence of armed groups, is a huge prolonged element of political-military life on the African nation since independence.

This two-part project blogs about the the process that armed organizations pose to group, national and regional harmony in Africa.

Describes of the task profiles Africa’s most active and proven groups. The group’s into the spotlight and the following are not the only one’s working in Africa presently. However, bring in more business have either was standing the test of time, presented a prolonged challenge to the government’s in their area of procedures, or are not ruled by the relation to its a peacefulness deal with the government’s impacted.

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