The Reason Great Gun TShirts Are So Popular

Guns have a sway in America unlike anywhere else in the world. The reason that other countries see Americans as gun-crazed maniacs is because of all of the negative experiences those countries have had with guns. From the Third Reich all the way to African warlords, countries around the world have seen guns only in the hands of oppressors and madmen. Here in America, though, guns have been all about freedom and the preservation of our American rights. It is no wonder we’re seeing stylish gun tees popping up everywhere.

Beyond just being cool, guns are also very important. Americans have established themselves as the bastion of gun rights in the world today. This is because guns have been an important part of American independence and dominance since its founding. We used guns to carve this country out and we keep guns to make certain no one tries to bully us ever again. Even if it is kept above your mantle and never fired, a gun is a very important reminder of who we are as a country. Great gun shirts are just a byproduct of that remembrance.

There are plenty of people in the world who would love for America to forget about our history with guns. These opponents of proud gun owners see nothing but a blood-soaked weapon, no matter who is holding the gun. These people do not see the protection guns give us, but rather the bodies that they imagine guns produce. They see the small percentage of accidental shootings as a grossly overblown statistic and they ignore the hundreds of lives saved each year by gun owners defending their life and property against criminals who would otherwise have taken advantage of them. They would rather see peace signs on t-shirts and not great gun tee shirts.

When guns are made illegal, then they will only be used for illegal purposes. Relying on nothing but the police to protect the populous is a bad idea. In an emergency situation, the police are minutes away when seconds could mean the difference between a victim living or dying. The mere presence of guns are enough to deter many criminals from even trying to assault someone or their property. There are many terrible things that happen with guns every year, but most of those instances are perpetrated by criminals who would own a gun whether it was illegal or not.

The youth of America are uneducated and ignorant of what it means to be a gun owner. They see guns as symbols of strength, and they are not completely wrong. The images we see on these pro gun gear edify the gun as an almost mystical thing, and many of the young people who wear them have not even held a gun. It is our job as protectors of our gun freedoms to take these young people in hand and teach them the importance of gun ownership and care. Safety should always come first, and we have a duty to these kids to teach it to them.

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