The way to Heal a Broken Heart – Don’t Make the Typical Mistakes

So , there you are. Recently dumped and sitting in your half-empty house. All your girlfriend’s stuff is gone and the walls and empty corners are a stark reminder that you’re alone now.

What do you do from here?

Well, the first thing you have to do is realize that breakups are common. Don’t kick yourself too hard. Sure, you may have messed up in your relationship. Maybe you even screwed up extremely badly. But nobody is perfect, regardless of how hard they try. No one can blame you for doing what seemed like the best idea at the time.

Second, do not feel ashamed about your emotions. Tons of men have this concept that they shouldn’t have any feelings–especially when it comes to girls. But guys are not stone cold statues. We’re humans and we sure as heck have feelings. Don’t feel like you ought to suppress them or ignore them.

Next, start to pick up the pieces of your life. I know that it’s hard to deal with the agony of the breakup. That’s normal. But you can not just sit there and mope while you let all the critical considerations slide. Perhaps you need to move to a smaller apartment. Maybe you need to get all your belongings back from her. Maybe you need to work out who gets to keep the dog.

Set aside a certain amount of time for grieving your loss and safely expressing your emotions either by yourself or with trusted friends. But other than those times, find the motivation to get a grip and take care of what you need to.

You also don’t want to let yourself go. Stay active and work out or keep social with your friends. The last thing you would like is to fall into a depression where you are feeling horrible about your life and just sort of stagnate. You have got to keep your energy moving in a positive direction.

Attempt to make the time to do 1 or 2 things per week. I know this is difficult if you’re struggling against all those negative feelings of heartbreak, but you need to do this to keep yourself feeling optimistic.

These are 1 or 2 pointers that may help you deal with the broken heart most men will get after being dumped. This is a complicated time in your life, but with resolution, you can overcome this challenge and move past the discomfort of this split.

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