Understanding How Bail Bondsman Services Work

Nobody wants to get that dreaded call in the middle of the night from a teenage child, a spouse, or close friend informing you they have gotten themselves in trouble and are calling from the local jail in Everett WA. However they ended up there, the only thing on their minds, and probably yours too, is how to get them out. This may be your first experience with the justice system, and you don’t really know where to turn. If you can talk to someone in charge, they will most likely tell you how much it will cost and that you need to call a bail bondsman to help.

Bailing someone out of jail in Everett WA involves paying a certain amount to the court through the services on one of these individuals. How high the fee is set usually depends on what the person is accused of. This money is intended to ensure the accused will show up in court at the time of his or her hearing. The bondsman pays the court and charges the defendant a ten percent fee that is usually nonrefundable.

Becoming one of these individuals usually requires taking a class on the subject and passing a test at the end of it. After that has been completed the person must apply for a license from the state. Their fingerprints and an extensive background check goes on file as well.

If you don’t have the cash to post bond, you can call someone else to pay it for you as long as that person is at least eighteen years old. You can also put an asset, such as a house, up as collateral, but if the accused doesn’t show up on his or her court date, the house can be foreclosed on. It will then be sold to the highest bidder in order to satisfy what is owed the court.

If the defendant doesn’t show up for court, an arrest warrant will be issued. Law enforcement will be alerted, and the bondsman can even hire someone to find the person. Sometimes a private investigator is brought into the case to try and locate the accused.

The case can be turned over to a surety recovery agent, better known by most as a bounty hunter. Many have seen movies and television programs with bounty hunters as fictional characters. Some individuals actually think it would be fun to have this kind of job and wonder exactly what they would have to do to get started.

What you have to do to begin a bounty hunting business depends on where you live. Some states make it a felony to operate without a license, and other states have no rules at all. You can establish a relationship with a bondsman willing to give you business. Surety agents are paid a percentage of the bond once they have delivered the accused. Must of them make about a hundred thousand dollars a year depending on how many cases they take on.

All things considered, staying out of trouble in the first place seems like the best course of action. If you need help however, it is best to know what you can expect from this service.

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