Dating Tips – The Importance of Personal Grooming for Men

Attracting women is no easy feat, particularly if you neglect personal grooming! Some men fail to put a high priority on this task, which leads to bitter disappointment in the dating department. If you want women to notice you, taking care of your personal hygiene is a must!

Besides putting a high emphasis on grooming, men can also complement that with a sense of being well-dressed. If you have struck out with women too many times for your liking in the past, you really ought to address two areas: your personal grooming and how you dress.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself: Do you bathe or shower daily? Is dandruff a problem? How often do you forget deodorant? How bushy are your eyebrows and do you have long nasal hair? Perhaps it is time to buy a trimmer! Have you ever considered these questions before? If not this could be a big reason you are struggling to find a date, plus you may not smell very nice!

Hygiene and Grooming List

Sometimes it helps to have a grooming and hygiene checklist, this way you can feel confident in your appearance and your success with women should improve dramatically. Here are the main hygiene and grooming items you should make priority on a daily basis:

Wash hair / Shower daily / Brush your teeth and floss / Wash ears / Wear clean underwear / Apply cologne and deodorant daily- (non-offensive) / Pluck stray hairs from eyebrows and bridge of your nose / Wear fresh clothes / Clip your nails

Sharp Dressed

Personal grooming and dressing well complement each other so they have to be handled simultaneously. First of all, wear clothes that fit you well, not baggy clothing that falls beneath your waist to the point where everyone can see your underwear! Fight the urge to wear loose-fitting clothing to hide an unfit body because clothing that fits you well appears flattering on your frame. Matching your clothes is also key, as is accessorizing to increase the style of your look. Watches, necklaces and even bracelets can be nice, low-key touches that women will take note of. Finally, dressing to fit your personality is memorable because it will present women with a consistent package: How you dress will be an indicator of your personality.

Your Hair

Follow these tips and you can stop wondering how to get a girl to love you. Basically, styling and caring for your hair may seem like a feminine pursuit, but you should keep in mind that your hairstyle tells a woman a lot about you. You may not give it more than a cursory glance, but the ladies you come in contact with are definitely paying attention. Hair is somewhat symbolic it can represent intelligence, confidence, wealth and power. Bottom line? Do not ignore your tresses! Spend a little extra money on a stylist who can hook you up with the latest style. The extra attention you receive will make the time and effort worth it.

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