Discover the Truth about Africa’s Wire Art Gifts

by Nicole Maschwitz

Fantastic works of art come out of Africa, they are renowned for them. The most appealing works as of late are their brilliant beadwork. This beadwork technique has been past down for hundreds of years, they have mastered this beadwork technique to a tee. This incredible art form has to be seen to be believed.

In times gone by works of art have been made using anything from eggs to seeds, also stones and metal. However these latest artworks have been made using glass beads.

Since the discovery of glass by the Egyptians, trade routes were set up with the people of South Africa to trade these glass beads for ivory and other valuables.

The South Africans engineered the form of using these glass beads with the use of wire, to make some of the most beautiful designs, among them were cars, and radios, beaded roses, and almost any animal that you can think of. The frame is made of wire and filled in with colored beads.

Many families were very poor and could not afford beads, so toys were made from just wire. The art of using just wire became so popular that now a tourist can find wire art shaped into everything from Saxophones to large cars, and many with very great detail, some may even have a working steering wheel. Working with wire has become a Zulu wire working revolution. Even security guards started decorating their “knobkerries” with bright and colorful wire, just to keep them awake during the long hours of the night watch.

In the earlier days copper colour coded wires were used in their creations. One can now find wire sculptures of musical instruments, animals, bicycles fashioned from steel wire. These sculptures can be found not only in studios but also roadside stands and markets. These would make truly unique gifts.

Seeing these wonderful designs, will amaze you, the talent the creativity and the passion is evident each sculpture. Each creation is magnificent, you will see designs such as butterflies, spider webs these are in wall art forms to hang in childrens bedrooms. Bowls in colourful wire designs, bracelets and animals of all size and colour.

Many of the Crafters began selling their art in public flea markets, instead of just roadside stands in order to bring more customers. However alot of artisans realized their talents and started opening up art shops and galleries to display their creative works.

If you are looking for a gift with a difference, wire art would make the perfect gift, whether they are car collectors, or motorbike enthusiasts or animal lovers, there is definatley something for everyoine in the wire art designs. The creative sculptures will definatley draw attention to any art collection.

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