Exactly When Will The Rapture Happen

Everyone has probably heard about the end of times where there Antichrist will come about and deceive the nation. One has also probably read about the Tribulation where non believers would suffer for ten years before the big Armageddon. The only big question mark left in the heads of people would be the date and the time. When will the rapture happen?

Through out the years, there have so many people and groups who have attempted to know more about the end of the world, specifically, the time and place. Though there were many who tried, all of them failed. All of these people claimed that they have finally mastered the Bible. However, they could never seem to dig up any accurate information on Armageddon.

William Miller was among the first to create a worldwide trend with his prediction. According to what he researched, the return of Christ would be somewhere in between March 21, 1843 to March 21, 1844. When the date arrived and nothing happened, he conveniently changed the date to October 22 saying that he computed wrongly. When nothing happened on this date as well, he started saying that he himself was the reincarnation of Christ and he will bring about the Tribulation.

Another very famous prediction came when the famous Haley’s comet returned in 1910. People saw this as a sign of the return of Christ. It was said that Christ sent a Heavenly body to alert his believers that he will be coming soon to save them. Some even thought that the comet was Jesus himself traveling down to earth.

The branch called Jehovah’s Witness also had their own prediction in 1914. They believed that it was in this year that Jesus would come back to earth. They even made a computation that could back up this prediction. They had arrived at a figure of 2520 from the book of Daniel and believed it to the number of years that the earth will live, hence 607 BCE to the year 1914.

Many people have also interpreted the year 2000 as a very significant year as related to the return of Jesus Christ. Since it was the Millennium year of the century, many people expected the world to end and Armageddon to push through. There was even a rumor that the year 2000 was sure to be the end because when 2000 is divided by 3, the answer is 666.6667 which is the mark of the devil.

Recently, people have actually made a lot of fuss on the year 2012 because the world was supposed to end on December 21, 2012. This actually came from an author who found a code in the Bible that led him to that conclusion. He also backed up this theory with the fact that 2012 was the end of the Mayan calendar.

As one can see, the world is still intact today and would probably still be for a couple more years. So when will the rapture happen? No one except God will know. So the best thing for believers to do would be to wait patiently and prepare.

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