Findings On Incidences Of Biblical Honor Killing

Many Christians often fond accuse their Muslims brothers of committing many respect killings in name of the Islam religion. At the same time, they employ this very same line of argument as the concrete reason of discrediting Islam within their eyes. They should however be sufficiently informed that biblical honor killing also occurred through their fore fathers as illustrated by the scripture.

To start with, the book of Leviticus from chapter twenty states that should the daughter of Father, in events of profanes themselves through playing whore, the profanity shall occur to father and requirement to burnt them with fire arises. Therefore, if priests daughter commit bad sex act, they should be burned because of father reputation. Reason behind this is that, it is against parent respect.

It is startling on what christens will use to explain this mysterious kind of action now? . Of course it illustrate obedience well and how it consequences to death in the believers lives. Actually, the command is but offered by scripture as primary information.

To add on, Exodus chapter twenty evidences on how whoever curses guardian or parents should be rewarded by death. Similar wordings are shown in Leviticus chapter twenty either. People that throw curses to their guardians gets warned on how own blood shall get upon after occurrence of this scenario.

In above cases, children are subjected to death not for committing any serious offenses other than insulting their parents. Are the above this not examples of biblical honor killing? Of course these are situations where by offspring are punished until they lose their lives for not respecting very ones parents.

In fact, individuals may never understand reason behind Jephthah sacrificing the only daughter as burnt the offering. In Judges book of the bible, it is stated very well how the spirit of lord came upon. Post crossing Gilead and Manasseh and after passing Mizpah, the man vowed this to the Lord.

That was immediately after returning to Mizpah. Someone was expected to move out and meet the ruler and that was the only child. Dancing very innocently up to sound of tambourines death was to come later. The daughter had to face death because covenant had been made to the lord by the dad.

Nevertheless, this occurred after period of two months that were placed upon need of weeping with friends. A memorable event resulted from this scenario as one of Israelite custom. Every year, all young females usually moves out for approximately four days so as to commemorate the death despite the fact that it took place in ancient period.

To end with, we have seen just few examples biblical honor killing because Christians occasionally have issues with respect killings by Muslims. Islam is actually never wrong since some them who end up committing this act show respect for the Allah. Otherwise the Bible is also wrong since as illustrated these deaths makes the scripture wrong. Honestly speaking, either route the Christian believers are in a very worse dilemma because their numbers is decreasing as those of Muslim increase steadily.

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