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Since the implementation of the Freedom of Information Act, the State of Florida Public Records have been made opened to the local residents of the state. By making it public, the residents have the visibility and have control over their personal documents as well as their safety. Criminal records are one of the documents that have been opened to the public.

Residents of Florida can request copies of documents such as birth and death certificates, marriage and divorce licenses as well as criminal records. Birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates are used primarily in government transactions since it would serve as a document to verify one’s identity and marital status. Each document can only be used for a certain type of transaction. For example, in order to claim the insurance of a deceased family member, the death certificate has to be presented. The same goes when conducting a background check since it would require only a criminal record to do so.

Each type of document would contain information relevant to the event it represents. A death certificate would contain information as to when and where the person died. The same goes for other types of document. Marriage records would have information about the marriage of a couple and divorce records would indicate the place and the date when the separation was made legal. A criminal record would then show details about the crimes and violations that an individual has committed. All of the public document would indicate the personal details of the person on the file which includes the real name and the date and place of birth.

It is important that one knows where to obtain a copy of a certain document. Records of birth, death, marriage and divorce are can only be obtained at the office of the Vital Records Section of Florida. The processing fee would depend on the type of file being obtained and it usually ranges from $5 to $20. To obtain a copy of a criminal record, it usually cost $20 and it has to be obtained at the office of the Department of Public Safety in Florida. The office of the county clerk and courthouse can also provide a copy of any of the personal documents and criminal record.

The state of Florida only allows the person on the file to request a copy of their personal record. The immediate family of the person on the record is also allowed as well as those who can secure a copy of a special request. To proceed with the retrieval of any of the public document, one has to know the basic details of the document that is being retrieved. In addition to that, it is fairly important to provide the personal information of the one who filed the request. Such information is even more important when requesting for a criminal record in Florida.

With the Internet used as a tool for sharing information, getting any of the public documents of Florida is now a breeze. Doing the search online makes it faster and convenient. A lot of websites are now offering to get a copy of any of the public documents of the state. Some would even offer a free government public records search.

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