How To Be Saved By Jesus And What An Individual Is Expected Of Him/her

Due to the sinful nature of people, they at times feel distant to the Lord God. Individuals sin due to diverse reasons and there are differing types of wrongs. Some evils are committed knowingly and others are done unknowingly, without one being informed that what they are doing is the incorrect thing hence knowledge of how to be saved by Jesus is vital.

Jesus saves people through the repentance of sin. When an individual feels deep in his heart that he has gone astray according to the teachings of the bible and is not in good terms with the Lord, he can ask for forgiveness. This is accomplished through prayer. One should take a moment and talk to the Savior as the scriptures say, that Jesus can deliver anyone no matter how great the sin is, on condition that this is done with at most faith and sincerity.

There are those people in the society that are poor, meaning that they lack the basic commodities people need to survive. A person seeking to obtain blessings from the Messiah should assist these people, they include the hungry, those who Lack water to drink, the homeless and also widows and orphans. Helping them is like providing a helping hand to the Lord high above as it is recommended by scriptures. The reward of such people is in heaven and they are able to acquire total salvation.

Forgiving and forgetting is what is required in order to attain the redemption of Jesus Christ. There are situations where people wrong others in a very wrong way. With such kind of people, it is only easy to hate them and to revenge. The scriptures teach otherwise, they lecture on how to handle such situations. Forgiveness is the key factor. If one has expectations of obtaining pity from above then he should first show that his heart can look past the misdoings of other people.

Compliance with the laws of land and the scriptures can assist one in the path of salvation by Messiah. The rules of religion are written word by word in the bible, the holy book. One should be able to familiarize themselves and comply with all of those put down rules. God becomes happy with such members and forgives them of their misdoings hence they become part of the large family of believers

Salvation can also come about by bringing more people to the house of the Lord to worship with other faithfuls. When a believer preaches the gospel the lost sheep in the society, Jesus grants him favor and blessings. The kingdom of the most high is never filled, all should work hard to lure people to worship the Lord and through this, they shall be lucky to enter the gates of heaven as the chosen race.

A humble person is that one who respects all, both those who are older and those who are younger. This is a virtue that Jesus regards highly as He is more driven towards those that make themselves appear smaller in the presence of other people. Such persons, as it is stated in the holy teachings, will be given an appraisal by the son of God.

In summary, those who want to receive atonement of sin should act the part instead of just proclaiming it by word of mouth. They should also have faith that what they ask from the Lord in prayer shall be granted upon them through faith.

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