How To Use The Advanced Search For Autism Data

Many people have already find the Autism Data as a helpful tool in their endeavor. Indeed, there are various things that a person can benefit from if he makes use of the said system. There are things that he can surely receive without having to worry too much if he knows how to use the said database properly.

It is actually a fact that the individual can use an advanced search for the said database. Speaking of advanced search, this is far more useful than an advanced search since he can specify the kind of article that he wants to find. Here are the various fields that the individual can use in order to use the advanced search.

For the first field, one may use the author. All of the records that are saved in the database can be searched via the author. In the database, the author’s name is actually entered using the format where the surname comes first followed by the initials. If he search for the author using this format, he will be able to get the right information.

One may also think about entering the title of the resource that he wants to find. If he can enter as much of the title that he thinks will make the search precise, he may be able to get the resource quickly. He does not need to know the full title. Even a phrase in the given title will do with the search.

The source is another field that the person can use. This is the field which will allow the person to enter the name of the source of the publication. This is especially useful if the article that he is looking for was published in a certain journal. The source will make it easier for him to find the article which holds his interest.

Keywords will also help. There are times when the individual just knows what the articles main focus is all about. However, he does not know either the title, the author’s name, or the source. If he knows the main point of the article, he can use the keyword field. Remember that any article saved in the database have a keyword that is associated with it.

It is also possible for one to search for the resource by using the abstract. Remember that every resource in the database has an abstract or a summary which will describe the content of that particular resource. There are instances when he can use any word in the abstract to search for the said resource or any other similar articles.

It will be helpful for the individual to find the publication year of the article that he holds an interest in. There is a unique search method when it comes to searching with the use of the publication year. He may use a greater than or a less than sign with that year. He can easily narrow down his search result even further if he use either sign.

There is the free text search. This basically covers three areas at once for the search in the Autism Data. He will be able to cover the title, keyword, and abstract in this free text search.

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