Illinois – State Divorce Records

The dissolution of marriage rate in the State of Illinois is relatively high. This is according to the Division of Vital Records at the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) who is in charge to the safekeeping of Illinois divorce records. Dissolution of marriage documents belongs to the vital records but unlike marriage, birth, and death records, they are not that easy to acquire.

Dissolution documents since January 1962 are stored at the department of health and documents prior to that date are kept at county circuit courts where the dissolution transpired. Acquiring certified copies of the dissolution can be done by directly ordering them at circuit courts and not at the Department of Health office. The office only issued a verification that confirms the dissolution.

Although Illinois divorce records have restrictions, they are still open to the public because vital records are considered as public information. Only those whose names are found in the decree and who are directly related to those names can request a certified copy. Record details such as the reason for divorce, child custody, property issues, etc. are not disclosed to anyone easily.

Details that can be found in a divorce files may include names bride and groom, age, date and state where the case was filed, address, etc.

To order verification at the IDPH, download and complete a form and mail or fax it addressed to the IDPH. A charge of $5 per copy is required and $4 is charge for orders of additional copies made simultaneously. Mail the payment together with the form. Only cash, money order and credit cards are accepted as forms of payment. If you fax the application form, it is only payable through a credit card and more fees are required for the handling and the use of UPS services. Include in the form your full name and where to send the verification. There is no money-back guarantee even in instances where no file is found for the ordered search subject.

Obtaining the records from government offices may take awhile to process and may become a disadvantage especially if you need the divorce court records immediately. Fortunately, you can find privately owned sites that can provide these records for you. The records are for technically free, but they do require a fee for their service. Fees are usually minimal and services are normally of high standards. Getting them online from various sites can save you a lot of time and effort.

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