Religious Views Political Responsibility And Personal Choices

The theory of political responsibility is a new one considering how long mankind has been around. In the past it was always whoever was strongest, had the largest armies or was the current god’s chosen that held the greatest power over the people. The average person had very little to say or do with the direction their clan, city or country moved in. 1

People have moved a quite a way since the era of peasant vessels, kings and queens. This doctrine was a political and religious view held by monarchs that kingship role was that of a steward to their people. This stewardship was given to them by the will of God. It was also believed that as only God could judge an unfit and unjust king, the king could there for do no wrong.

Part of this was derived from the ancient belief that only God could bestow earthly powers to rule by. It was also thought that any spiritual leadership was passed to religious leaders to aid leading masses on the path to faith. These primary leaders had a divine responsibility to the masses to always watch out for them and only do what would be in their best interest. Tragically most power, great or otherwise easily corrupts.

Shortly before 1688 and after the glorious revolution this idea was abandoned by many. It further weakened even more with the start of the French revolution and the American revolution and in the end of the 18th century. Humanity began to believe that they should pick the people who ruled themselves so if they did a poor job, they replace them.

With the decline of many modern monarchies, many churches where they were to received their divine authority from began to decline in their power and influence also. As more splinter regions formed the people began to see that a relationship with their god was a very personal one. They realized that due to the very personal nature of their relationship, no one should dictate to them how the proper way for expressing their faith.

From these historical revelations came the idea that each person is a sovereign onto themselves and with this comes the responsibility to choose who would lord over them. In most cases it is a group of people chosen ether directly or indirectly by the masses. These groups of people have many different names. They have been called congress, parliament, councils, and bureaus to name a few.

History has shown us that bad people still crave power. Often they try to seat themselves in these places of power voted on by their fellow man whether it is through deception or other nefarious means. It falls to each person to dispose of these bad people to protect themselves and their fellow man.

It is believed that only in the last five hundred years has humanity awoken to the theory of political responsibility. This new idea that every individual is a sovereign capable of making any choices for their own welfare. As sovereigns, individuals should try to remember they are ultimately responsible for all people they choose to put in charge.

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