Rubber Extrusion Is Used In Many Industries And Applications

When a material is heated up and squeezed through a hole that forms it, it is called extruding. Whether that material is aluminum being formed into a gutter or plastic being made into a piece for a swimming pool, it is being extruded. Rubber extrusion is similar, however, most of the pieces made this way are used in so many industries, and it is hard to number them all.

When making these extrusions, the technicians will carefully place raw rubber that has been compounded with various materials to give it more strength and flexibility. It will be heated up almost to point of a liquid and directed toward a hole in the end of that casing. Pressures are used to push the rubber through the die to form the piece the die has been made to form. The die is the important element here.

These dies are designed and cut to make the item the professional needs for the type of task to which these pieces are put. Making a flat bar is one thing. Creating a tube is another. A square piece can be made that is as long as needed. All of these forms can be cut, by the technician and placed aside, or it can be rolled up on a spindle for later processing.

These types of extruded rubber items are the perfect item to serve as seals on space craft and even airplanes. This is because of the need for something to keep things tight while undergoing the stresses of high altitude flight. The need for a seamless item eliminates the danger of a spliced item coming apart when it is needed the most.

Pharmaceutical needs arise when a fine tube for administering medication is needed. There are also tubes, made in this same way, which must be inserted into a living person to replace veins and arteries that have given up the cause, so to speak. These are very small and must last a long time to be of any help in these cases.

Tubes, highly cleanable tubes, are needed for food production as they bring ingredients from the storage tanks into the blending areas. They need to be able to be sanitized and they must be strong and able to bend around corners. Occasionally, they will need to be run over by pallet jacks and bounce back into shape as only rubber can.

These kinds of extrusions are better than the older method of cutting pieces of material for seals and piecing them together. The process being discussed makes a single piece without any splices and able to resist leaks, as appropriate, or voids that can endanger what is being protected. This provides a level of security that was not as possible before this process was invented.

Making the decision to use these pieces of rubber extruded with care by professionals will ensure the safety of any industrial product. As they are made through a continuous method, they are also very economical. Not having a secure seal, adequate protection from dents and damage or an easy way for intravenous feeding is a problem that can be solved.

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