The Truths In The Old Covenant Vs New Covenant Battle

There is actually a wide range of differences between these spiritual journeys. You might be able to take note of a few similarities once you read them through but that is it. Once you go beyond the last page of the OT, then you would definitely find yourself facing an entirely varied interpretation of what you have just discovered in the first testament.

Take for the example the way people should communicate with God. According to most Old Covenant vs New Covenant forums, priests are the outlets of individuals towards the Almighty in the Old Testament while they would have to come to the throne of the Father in the latest one. However, as a Christian, you are absolutely free to choose between these two options.

Now, if you are someone who has memorized the Ten Commandments with all your heart, then you have most probably found them in the former part of the Bible together with the other 603 laws that your forefathers had to pay attention to in the past. These laws guided your ancestors to be more religious and to be humans with great civil and moral sense. As for the new testament, it just contained one rule and that is to love your God and your neighbor.

As for the sacrifices made in these two parts of the Bible, food and animals are being offered in the OT while the NT allows people to simply live the life of a Christian to serve as their sacrifice. They just have to follow everything that Jesus have taught them. They do not need to burn things in the mountain to show the Creator that they have repented for their sins.

The Holy Sabbath and other festivities were a main part of the former testament while the Last Supper was the only one features in the latest covenant. Any form of work is not permitted during Sabbath. Going to a holy place is a requirement on that day too.

On the other hand, a holy place in the NT can pertain to people. It can be a group of individuals who share the same faith. Christians in the OT were more strict about the place were they worship their Lord. The venue can only be a temple or a tabernacle.

In the Old Testament, the High Priest can only be with God on the day of atonement while the latest one has Jesus as the High Priest. This only means that he can be with his Father forever. He is considered as the right hand of the Creator.

Aaron and his sons were attuned to every command of the very first High Priest while every Christian has the right to hear what Jesus has to say. They are more blessed this way. They have all the chances to become like the Lord everyday.

In the present time, NT is definitely there. This part of the Bible is for eternity and that includes every living person on Earth. Forefathers have already played their part in the older portion of the Holy book.

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