What Are The Best Locations To Meet Women?

Do you remember when the best place to meet women was the corner bar? No? That is probably because it has been decades since that particular ploy worked to any extent at all! Studies prove that modern women are not “hooking up” with guys they meet at the club. Why? Ah, the reasons are vast but the bottom line is, men are going to have to step up their game if they hope to find the “one”. This brings us precisely to the point, where to meet single women?

Friends and Family – Romantic comedies and stand-up comics all have plenty to say about the blind date or being hooked up by your friends. What surprises many people is the fact that you are 200% more likely to meet a girlfriend this way. Where you run into problems with this model is the ever shrinking social circle. You would think with the vast social media networks, circles would be growing but in fact, they have shrunk by nearly a third in a couple of decades.

What does that mean for you? Instead of focusing on simply meeting women, focus on meeting other people. Researchers suggest that these do not have to be close personal friends. The point is growing your group! Small groups are great for interpersonal relationships, but not so great for meeting new women because you already know each other. If you want a better chance of finding the girl of your dreams work on creating some new casual links.

Hobbies and Interests – What kind of women are you dating? If you consistently find they are the wrong kind of woman for you it could be because you have forgotten to factor in your interests. Typically, men will seek out a young lady, ask her on a date and then find out they have no common interests or hobbies. Why not turn this entire process around?

Where do you spend your free time when you are not trying to meet women? Look at your life and think about the things that interest you the most, is it the outdoors or a symphony? These answers tell you a lot more than you might think about where you should be meeting women. Do what you love more often and whenever possible join a group. If you love sport shooting, join a gun range or participate in more competitions. You will be amazed at the people you may meet.

No matter what you enjoy doing, you can do it more or learn more about it, which will put you in contact with women who feel the same. If you travel a lot, you might consider a foreign language class. What are some more ideas? Visit the museum more often, take a drawing class or attending a wine tasting are all great examples.

Limiting Yourself – Are you waiting for the weekend to meet women? This severely limits your options and you may be missing out on some fantastic ladies. Ask yourself where women are during the week? Chances are they are not parked in front of the television! Many women enjoy shopping, hobbies and attending social events during the week. Every day of the week, these activities provide a place to meet nice single ladies.

Final Thoughts Life goals rather than relationships are at the top of the list for many 20 something’s today, which is a wild departure from a decade or two ago.

For detailed info, check out this site for how to overcome shyness advice. Basically, are you a guy who spends more Saturday’s alone than you would like to admit? It is time to rethink what you know about dating! Did you know just shaking up your routine could bring a love interest your way? Do you always go to the same restaurant or bank? Go across town or even the next town over to add a little variety, you never know whom you might meet.

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