When Is The Rapture And The Second Coming Of Christ

When is the rapture going to occur? That is the question on the mind of many believers as well as non-believers. Although some are sincere about the return of Christ, others are using this event to make a profit for them selves. However, regardless of the reason for wanting to know, the bible speaks about both groups of people.

Although Jesus does not know the exact date, he has the ability to explain the preceding events to his followers. He lets them know his arrival is compared to a thief in the night. His coming will be as a twinkling in the eye. On the actual day when he descends from heaven, an archangel will accompany him. The archangel will proclaim with a loud voice and blow a trumpet of God.

He continues to explain to the people that he will come back in the twinkling of an eye and as a thief in the night. Jesus then uses parables to explain the event to his followers. He tells them while two will be working the field only one will be taken. This verse can be related to the parable of the sower. Although the wheat and tare grew together, during the harvest only the wheat was taken. The tare was burned.

During the actual event, the Lord will come down from heaven. Accompanying him will be an archangel with a loud shout and a trumpet from God. At this time, those who died in the faith will rise first and meet the Lord in the air. After the dead, some Christians who are living will join Christ. Because no one can pinpoint, the coming of Jesus, he stresses the importance of a saved life.

All people left on the earth will have to endure famine, wars, hardships and torture from the beast. The beast is also known as the anti Christ. Luckily, there is hope for those who endure to the end of this time. Jesus promises that they will be saved as long as the believer continues to follow the things of God and live by faith.

Known as the New Jerusalem, on the new earth children and animals will play together. During this time, no one is harmed. God will replace the sun as the light source.

The New Testament continuously warns the believers to live a sanctified life. In addition to confessing Jesus Christ is Lord, the followers must also be willing to lead others to Christ. This requires dedicating a specific time to fasting and prayer. It is only through prayer that a true Christian will receive the necessary instructions to live a holy life.

When is the rapture going to occur? This is a question of many. Hidden even from the son of God, Christians must live a sanctified life if they want to spend eternity with Christ.

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