Will Jesus Return Is Still The Big Question

People always mention the next coming of Christ for judgment. In fact, many people have speculated on the exact date but the gospels reiterate that it would be like a thief, in which no man can ever predict when will Jesus return.

Based on the predictions of Ezekiel, certain signs would occur when Christ’s coming back is nearing. These signs would be like that of a woman in labor. As the delivery of the child approaches, the signs shall be more frequent and intense. Signs include problems in the economy, national stability, population, wars, and natural calamities.

The Jews, which are Christ’s chosen people, failed to accept Him as a ruler because of their need for an earthly king. Despite this, Christ chose to suffer in order to save them but many still did not believe. As a result, the nation fell and Israel, where the Jews lived, was literally erased from the map of the world.

Jews have been subjected to harsh treatments including the memorable Holocaust which was started by Hitler himself. Jews were scattered all over the world for some time; but with joint efforts, Israel was reestablished in the year 1948.

Scholars and experts say that the reestablishment of the state of Israel which marks the coming back of Jews from all over the world to their nation is one of the signs. The coming back of the Jews to their mother state indicates their readiness to accept Christ their ruler. It shall occur in a time of distress and shall awaken war with many nations.

When all Jews are already intact, a big war is said to happen in a particular spot in the near East. A war would be waged by many nations all over the world against the state of Israel but Christ shall deliver them from the hands of their enemies by destroying them.

will jesus return is a question that some people may still be doubtful about. But as the Bible has it, Christ shall come with his angels to separate the sheep from the goats. He would raise the believers from their graves and bring down those who deny Him. A judgment day shall occur and we must have to prepare.

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