Will Jesus Return Like A Thief As It Is Said

Will Jesus return? This is a question that many people ask, among others. There is a lot that many wonder about this man that is said to have done, or will do in the future. At the end of the day, it all depends on your faith. You choose to believe it or not.

All the relevant information is quoted in Bibles. The people that wrote it are said to have been inspired by the Holy Spirit who is one with God. Hence, this confirms that the information is true. The scriptures clearly elaborate on how it shall be.

When the time nears, it is said that daughters shall turn against their mother, sons against their fathers and so on. This explains the signs that shall be experienced before His coming. The same scriptures, it is quoted that He shall come to judge the living and the dead.

He compared His return to that of a thief. By this He meant, no one is aware of the time, or the hour. This is a typical way of how thieves operate. They never give notice. It is a great secret that not even the angles in heave know of. Read Mark chapter thirteen verse thirty two up to thirty three. It calls out for people to be ready at all times.

Jesus continues to promise about His coming back. In John fourteen verses one to four, he assured people that He would come back for them. All He went to do is to prepare space for them in the heavenly glory. At the right time, He would come and take them to share in this kingdom.

The question, will jesus return has been answered by the teachings in the Bible. You find Him giving an assurance about it. Who are you then to doubt? Considering He has never been said to go against His words, He certainly will come again.

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