AT&T Charges A Fee For Getting A Discount

AT&T Not Supporting iPhone 3.0 Tethering And MMS At This TimeBe careful when signing up for a discount with AT&T. The company might charge you a fee to receive it! According to The Consumerist, If you’re an AT&T customer who starts working at a company that offers discounts on AT&T service, AT&T may charge you to take advantage of the price cut.

ValentineHumphrey, a reader of The Consumerist was told she would be charged $36 to receive a 25 percent discount on her AT&T contract, so in order to take advantage of the deal offered, she had to do math in order to figure out whether it made sense to sign up for it. Because AT&T didn’t tell her about the fee before she agreed to the discount, Valentine will have her $36 refunded, but that’s not the point… the point is: How can you charge money to activate a discount? The charging for discounts fee was apparently just added by AT&T this week.

It’s easy to say "Why not switch to Sprint/Verizon/Joe’s Cell Network if you don’t like the way AT&T runs its shop?" Sure, unless you have an iPhone or another handset that is connected to a specific network. I can’t wait for the day when the iPhone is no longer yoked to AT&T, because no matter how good their service is, not having a choice about it completely sucks… especially if they’re going to charge people to get discounts!



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