Australian Game Stores Offering Modern Warfare 2 Wii Preorders?

Australian Game Stores Offering Modern Warfare 2 Wii Preorders?With Infinity Ward’s eagerly awaited Modern Warfare 2 pretty well locked down in terms of release date, features and all that jazz, there isn’t really much left to speculate about (other than if those night vision goggles included in the Prestige edition of the game actually work correctly). Fortunately, the folks over at NintendoEverything picked up on this bit of tinder that should keep the rumor fires alive for a few more minutes.

Turns out game stores in Australia have been displaying preorder boxes for a Wii version of MW2 for some time now, and one Aussie even managed to snag a supposed picture of said game box. And if that wasn’t enough, it seems that retailers have also been accepting preorders for the game for just as long. “But wait. Modern Warfare 2 for Wii hasn’t been announced yet. What gives?”

Well, considering that Activision told Kotaku yesterday that the company is not bringing MW2 to the Wii, I’d say Aussie retailers have some explaining to do to gamers who have thrown down cash to preorder the nonexistent game. Then again, accepting preorders for a game that there was a good chance would be released sometime down the line (especially since Call of Duty: World at War was released for Wii last year) isn’t that surprising. After all, it’s a pretty crafty way to scrape together a few extra preorder bucks while you wait for the game to be officially announced.


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