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I know it’s hard to believe Fallout 3 fans, but you’re quickly approaching the end…the end of Fallout 3 DLC and high prices! (End of high prices not a guarantee.) Bethesda Game Studios’ upcoming spaced-out Mothership Zeta will be the final DLC released for the post-apocalyptic role-playing shooter (unless Bethesda goes back on their word). However, don’t think that the game’s developers are planning on home-phoning this one in so they can finally be done with the massive, massive undertaking that Fallout 3 has been. Far from it.

Bethesda dev Brian Chapin spoke with Polish gaming site Polygamia about the upcoming DLC, and revealed some interesting tidbits. For starters, because the chapter takes place entirely on the Mothership Zeta spacecraft, a high Science skill will be essential to your success, while skills like Speech and others will simply assist in your exploration of the ship. Nothing too shocking there, but still good to know.

Of course, with high-tech environs, comes high-tech, energized weaponry, including the Disintegrator and the Atomizer. Yet, as Chapin explains, “We do, however, have new weapons for several other categories, including Melee, Big Guns, and Explosives. And not everything you’ll find on the ship comes from the aliens.”

Apparently, those damn, dirty aliens have been capturing lowly earthlings from all manner of time periods and locations (and experimenting on them in horrific ways), so expect to see quite a wide variety of enemy types as well, in addition to the primary alien population, which is divided into those looking for a fight and those who are simple workers, just looking to earn a living.

Also, the alien connection evidently goes a bit deeper than a simple captor/prisoner relationship. Chapin teased that the aliens, “may have some connections to other experiences you’ve had while playing Fallout 3…” (Tell me that I collected all of those Nuka-Cola Quantums just so these alien bastards could have cold beverages for their next intergalactic picnic!)

PlayStation 3 fans will be pleased to hear that DLC is expected to start rolling out for you in September, while Xbox 360 and PC users will be beaming up to Mothership Zeta on August 3rd for 800 Microsoft points.

Mothership Zeta looks rad. Anyone disagree? How are you coping with the fact that this will most likely be the last Fallout 3 DLC?


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