Bethesda Isn’t Developing Elder Scrolls 5, Won’t Rule Out MMO

Bethesda Isn't Developing Elder Scrolls 5, Won't Rule Out MMO

As someone who just became introduced to Bethesda Softworks’ through Fallout 3, I’ve been curious to see if I could get into the next Elder Scrolls game, despite not being a fan of the fantasy art style. I may not have to worry about that, though; at QuakeCon 2009 over the weekend, Big Download sat in on Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard’s presentation, where he said Bethesda was not developing Elder Scrolls V.

It had been widely assumed that Bethesda would move into an Insomniac Games style of development moving forward, switching between developing new Elder Scrolls, the studio’s bread and butter for years, and new Fallout games. But the company appears to be on a different track, as Elder Scrolls V does not appear to be their next game.

What is it, then? Howard joked about the idea of an Elder Scrolls MMO, but didn’t lend an enormous amount of credence to the idea, according to reports. "There’s always a chance," he said.

If Obisidian is working on Fallout: New Vegas and Bethesda isn’t doing another Elder Scrolls, what exactly is the company working on, then?


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