Bethesda’s Todd Howard Talks About Working With id Software, Elder Scrolls, Fallout DLC For PS3, And More

Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard talks about his relationship with id Software at QuakeCon 2009. Now that they’re part of the same company, a lot of people are wondering if the two will be working together and development will change. Howard talks about how big he expects Bethesda to get, the id Tech 5 engine, technology sharing, PS3 DLC for Fallout 3, the Fallout MMO,  Elder Scrolls, and more. He said:
"I sort of view it right now like we’re at a big buffet and somebody just rolled out another table, ‘Look there’s more food! What do ya want?’ So we’re sharing stuff right now. They can look at our stuff. We can look at their stuff. It might be that we implement an idea they have for doing something or we actually use code or vice versa — kind of take it as it comes."

Although Howard didn’t address my idea for The Todd Couple sitcom, it’s a great interview from one of the best developers in the business. Check it out! 

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