BioWare Wants User-Generated Content On Consoles, Not Limited To PS3

Epic Games was the first to truly open the door to user-generated content with Unreal Tournament III on PlayStation 3, which could adopt all user modifications. BioWare, a company with strong PC roots, will be releasing modification tools for their upcoming Dragon Age: Origins, and while speaking to Billy, BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka said the studio hopes to bring some of that content to consoles — including Xbox 360.

"We’re exploring ways to bring some of the fan-created content over to the other platforms, as well," said Muzyka. "Obviously it’s easier on the PC because we can get the tools out in the fans hands — they’re already out on beta form, so the fans are working away and making all kinds of cool stuff for each other and it’s exciting to see that. Maybe we can bring some of that to the console systems, we’ll have to work obviously with Microsoft and Sony, some of those details still have to be worked out to make that happen, but I’d love to that happen, it’d be great."

The hurdle is really Microsoft, not Sony; the latter proved it didn’t have a problem with all-access user-generated content by stamping approval over Unreal Tournament III. That didn’t happen with the Xbox 360 version of the same game, though BioWare believes their strong relationship with Microsoft means a compromise can be found.

"Microsoft’s been a great partner to work with over the years," he said. "As you know, we worked with them on Jade Empire and Mass Effect and we’re talking actively with them about all kinds of cool stuff we’re doing in the future, as well. I think they’d be excited to see it happen. Obviously, there’s some technology hurdles we have to jump [through] together with them to make it work, but we’ll see where it goes."

It doesn’t sound very likely BioWare is looking to open the flood gates for user-generated content, but move one step at a time, maybe bringing over a best-of-the-best collection or something along those lines.

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