Bomberman Live: Battlefest Impressions

Bomberman Live: Battlefest Impressions

Bomberman Live was a big hit for Hudson and a massive resurrection of the publisher’s explosive-crazed mascot. With over a half-million downloads, the publisher would have been nuts not to capitalize on the game’s success with a sequel. And here it is. Phil Theobald got a first-look at Bomberman Live: Battlefest during a recent Hudson event. Besides new Xbox Live avatar integration, Hudson has apparently made some changes for the better, according to his preview:

"Thanks to player feedback, the unpopular Land Mine power-up has been removed from the game, but a few new power-ups have been added to the mix. The Rocket Bomb, which flies across the screen, stunning whoever it hits seems like a wicked little tool, but I rather liked the Cluster Bomb. This bomb had three adorable little bombs attached to it. Once the main bomb goes off, the three remaining bombs fly off in different directions for a follow-up blast."

Do you play Bomberman Live? Are you looking forward to using your avatar to blow up your friends?

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