Did You Know Spoon’s Britt Daniel Worked On…Uh, Wing Commander?

Did You Know Spoon's Britt Daniel Worked On...Uh, Wing Commander?

My mind was blown earlier this week when game designer Harvey Smith, currently of Arkane Studios but formerly of Midway and Ion Storm, responded to my Twitter about the new Spoon EP with a video game connection. It turns out Britt Daniel, the celebrated singer songwriter for indie musical darling Spoon, actually used to make video games. Daniel worked for a very celebrated PC developer.

It’s true. Before forming Spoon, Daniel was a sound employee at Origin Systems and worked on several projects there, including Super Wing Commander and Pacific Strike. His complete (though limited) video gaming biography, according to his MobyGames profile:

  • Super Wing Commander (3DO, Mac) — Sound Designer — 1994
  • Pacific Strike (DOS) — Sound Effects — 1994
  • Pacific Strike Speech Pack (DOS) — Taping — 1994
  • Jungle Book (Windows, Windows 3.x) — Electric — 1996

Ironically enough, Daniel returned to video games in 2002 with Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2, but not because he worked on the game. Rather, Spoon’s "Take A Walk" was featured on the game’s soundtrack. Talk about coming full circle!

And that’s your random factoid of the day.

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