EA And Dark Horse Comics Team Up For Mass Effect Comic Book Series

EA And Dark Horse Comics Team Up For Mass Effect Comic Book SeriesThere must be something in the water over at EA, because for the second time this week, the publisher has announced a partnership deal to turn one of their franchises into a comic book series.

This time it’s BioWare’s space-operatic RPG Mass Effect, the comic book publisher is Dark Horse Comics, and the comic is titled Mass Effect: Redemption. It will serve as a story bridge between the first game and Mass Effect 2, and the first issue is scheduled to go on sale January 6.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Mass Effect: Redemption picks up just as Commander Shepard disappears and is left without the support of the crew on the Normandy in the lawless Terminus Systems. Shepard must fight for survival, and will be assisted by close companion, Dr. Liara T’Soni, to come home alive.”
The “first” four-part series will be written by ME2 scribe, and BioWare lead writer Mac Walters, who said via press release:
“Fans of Mass Effect are going to be pleasantly shocked by the events in these comics. We worked very closely with Dark Horse to make sure this story was built in to the Mass Effect 2 arc, right from the ground up. Reading the series won’t just add to your experience of the universe, it will change the way you look at Mass Effect 2… and beyond.”
So there you have it Mass Effect fans. More galactic goodness for you from you friends over at BioWare. By the way, what do you think of all this videogame/comic book crossover business?

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