English Voice Recording Sessions For Final Fantasy XIII Complete



According to Klee Kuo from Square Enix public relations, the voice acting for Final Fantasy XIII has been completed. Kuo said the following via Twitter:

"Sweet! English VO for FFXIII is complete"

Yes, he was too lazy to type that final period.

When I saw the game at E3 2009, voice recording just started and some of the characters were uneven. I was particularly disappointed in Sazh (the character some people call Chocofro) — he reminded me of Robert Downey, Jr.’s character in Tropic Thunder. If FFXIII were a satirical comedy then Sazh’s voice was spot on, but it’s not, so what I heard at the time was a bit ridiculous. Hopefully the direction of Sazh’s voice work has changed and he sounds more like a real person instead of a caricature.



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