God of War Collection: A Video Comparison

God of War Collection dropped this week, and many PS3 owners want to know if it’s worth the plunge. This new compilation features newly remastered versions of the PS2 classics on one Blu-ray, alongside with a voucher to download the God of War III demo from the PlayStation Store. We’re not planning to run a review of GoW Collection, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t taken the time to set up some comparison videos detailing the visual differences between both games running on a backwards-compatible PlayStation 3 versus the newly redone game. I’ve written up some impressions to go alongside the videos, which you can check out here.

In order to properly display the action, the comparison videos focus on two areas: combat and cinematic moments, such as cutscenes or quicktime events. Whether it’s Kratos jamming a Kraken head through a ship mast or climbing into the animated Colossus of Rhodes statue to dismantle it from within, I think the videos speak for themselves.

Take a look and decide if there’s room on your shelf for God of War Collection!

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