Microsoft Considering Electronic Arts Takeover?

Microsoft Rumored To Be Considering Electronic Arts TakeoverOk. So this is what we in the business call “big news.” And even though it’s still just speculation at this point, it’s still rather stunning. The word floating around New York is that Microsoft is apparently interested in buying mega game publisher Electronic Arts, Reuters reports.

Now, this “unsubstantiated claim” will most likely remain so until for the time being, however EA’s stock saw a 4 percent boost today when word of this potentially industry-shattering deal started to spread; and rightfully so. This deal would be so insanely massive and wide-reaching that I really can’t even begin to wrap my head around it. I mean, EA games as Xbox exclusives? How crazy is that?!

Actually, until these unconfirmed claims get some official support, it’s not worth getting too worked up over. There will be plenty of time for that if this thing actually ends up happening. And given the relationship between Microsoft and EA, specifically on the corporate side (John Schappert, Don Mattrick, Peter Moore), it might not be as unlikely as some might think. I’m currently waiting to hear back from Microsoft and EA, so I’ll update if/when I hear anything.

What do you think the implications would be of a Microsoft/EA merger?


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