Microsoft Introduces New Xbox Live Indie Games Price Structure

Microsoft Introduces New Xbox Live Indie Games Price Structure

When Microsoft announced that its Xbox Live Community games service would be renamed Xbox Live Indie Games, it wasn’t entirely clear if it would be a simple name change, or if it would include more substantial internal changes. Well, according to Gamasutra, one of the first major shifts to come out of this whole transition is the introduction of a new pricing structure.

In place of the old 800 Microsoft Points ($10), 400 MSP ($5), and 200 MSP ($2.50) price structure, Microsoft will be offering the following options: 400 Microsoft Points ($5), 240 MSP ($3) and 80 MSP ($1). There are still no plans to offer games for free, so $1 will have to do for now.

Right now, 200 MSP is the cheapest price offered for indie games, and all the games that currently cost 200 MSP will automatically drop to 80 MPS, should the game’s developer not choose a higher price. Also, the only games that will be allowed to sell for $1 will be ones that come in at 50 MB or less. Microsoft is also introducing a “reputation” system that lets developers distribute voucher tokens so users can download their games for free. 

One of the stranger policies related to the new price structure lies with games priced at 800 MPS, since their prices will stay the same, unless the developer upgrades the game. If the game is updated, the developer will have to pick one of the new prices, essentially forcing them to offer their games for at least half what they felt it originally cost. For some games, this might be a somewhat justified cut, but for others, it could be a tough pill to swallow.

Any thoughts on the new pricing structure? Any indie developers out there care to weigh in?


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