Morning Hangover #12: Patrick Gets Steamed And Raymond Gets Berried

Welcome to "Morning Hangover" — an excellent way to start your day with the crew at TheFeed…no matter what you’re recovering from. Every morning you’ll hear musings from two of TheFeed’s editors and have the chance to share your thoughts on what’s going on in the gaming world. So buckle up, gear up to get past the hump, and keep reading!

Patrick Klepek: It was a tumultuous journey, but after roughly a week of technical hiccups, Windows XP is up and running on my MacBook Pro, which means I’ll finally be joining the party I’m ever so late for, Steam. The demo for Trine has already been downloaded and installed (boy, it’s pretty), but in the land of the PC, I’m a little lost. My computer can’t run Crysis, but it can hold its own — what do people recommend I start checking out? It’s time to catch up on years of missed gaming opportunities!

BlackBerry Curve 8900 on T-MobileRaymond Padilla: Last night I stopped by the T-Mobile store and picked up a Blackberry Curve 8900. It felt weird cancelling my Sprint account. I’ve had it since 1997, but I wasn’t happy with what Sprint’s retentions department was offering me and T-Mobile gave me a really sweet deal on the phone/plan. Honestly, I’d really love an iPhone 3Gs, but unlike most of my friends, I actually use my phone for talking (AT&T’s service is unacceptable!). The 8900’s UMA feature allows me to make calls in buildings that have poor signal (i.e. the G4 office) and "free" calls when I’m travelling abroad, thanks to the wonder of WiFi. I’m going to hold out for the (rumored) updated iPod Touch for my multimedia needs (OpenGL 2.0 iPhone games are going to get super interesting by the end of the year). For now, I’ll just use my Curve to play Word Mole and BrickBreaker…oh, and for productivity of course.

TheFeed gang wants your thoughts on gaming, tech, whether Kate Hudson is responsible for A-Rod’s poor hitting, and more. Let everyone know what you’re thinking and chat it up with your fellow readers. Leave comments on anything and everything that’s on your (gaming/tech/nerd) mind! The reader with the best comment will win a custom-made seven-slice toaster (not really).

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