Morning Hangover #16: Patrick Looks For Frights, Raymond Wonders If WPA Killed Online DS Gaming

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Silent Hill

Patrick Klepek: I’m a big horror buff, so scary video games are always on my radar. A handful of games have truly freaked me out, ranging from the series of video games based on The Blair Witch Project through Silent Hill and most recently Dead Space, but I can’t think of a single video game whose scare factor has lingered after the console is turned off. There are only a select few movies that have stayed with me past the movie theater (i.e. The Blair Witch Project — but I was also in middle school at the time), but it’s happened. Has a video game ever truly frightened you to the point where you’re scared after putting down the controller?

Nintendo DS Lite

Raymond Padilla: Last Sunday, I visited an apartment occupied by a friend from Ignition and a friend from Sony. Although they’re both smart, capable, and charming, they both suck at setting up WiFi networks. Naturally, they called their Asian friend to deal with their electronics woes (*sigh* stereotypes….). As I was setting up their network, I asked them if they wanted WPA2 or WEP encryption. I told them that WEP was kind of a joke — my dog can crack WEP in less than 30 minutes (okay, I don’t have a dog, but if I did, it could certainly crack WEP in under 30 minutes). The downside was that they couldn’t use their Nintendo DS systems with WPA2. They didn’t hesitate for a second. They opted for WPA2. While it’s definitely the best thing for their home network, it’s kind of sad that online DS gaming was brushed aside so easily. Did this happen to any of you? Did you give up on playing online with your DS to keep your network secure?

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