Morning Hangover #25: Raymond Accepts In-Game Advertising And Patrick Loves Frequent Updates

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wipEout HD Fury
Raymond Padilla: Yesterday, TheFeed’s Stephen A. Johnson (not to be confused with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith) wrote about Double Fusion inserting dynamic ads in WipEout HD. While a lot of people are irritated that the ads will potentially double load times, other gamers are wondering what the hell they get out of the deal. Naively, some are expecting similar ad deals to result in cheaper games. I sincerely doubt that’s going to happen any time soon, though I’d love a ticket to the magical world where in-game advertising leads to cheaper games.
The more realistic, though indirect, benefit to gamers is that in-game ads will (sometimes) lead to bigger and better games. Budgets for triple-A titles are getting larger and larger. Dynamic advertising can (in some cases) help developers and publishers defray the development costs for huge titles. Considering the run-ins I’ve had with advertisers over the years (Double Fusion’s CEO is well aware of this — hi Jon!), I find it hilarious that I’m sticking up for ad sales. But hey, if it’ll make a publisher take a risk or give the developer more money to make the game I want, I’m willing to accept in-game ads. How about you guys? Will you put up with in-game advertising under any circumstances?
Patrick Klepek: In a few hours, an interview with an executive at Microsoft will go live on TheFeed, discussing Microsoft’s approach to the frequency of dashboard updates. Microsoft’s pattern has been one or two big updates a year, whereas Sony’s has been a steady stream of smaller, more consistent updates. I don’t mind having my PlayStation 3 constantly update, but for whatever reason, it takes a hell of a lot longer to update a PlayStation 3. But hey, I’m not complaining about new, free updates. How frequent would you like them?
TheFeed gang wants your thoughts on gaming, Apple breaking up with Google, and more. Let everyone know what you’re thinking and chat it up with your fellow readers. Leave comments on anything and everything that’s on your (gaming/tech/nerd) mind! The reader with the best comment will get a fancy tiara.

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