Morning Hangover #44: Stephen Wonders About Wii And Raymond Isn’t Holding Out For A (Super)Hero

Welcome to "Morning Hangover" — an excellent way to start your day with the crew at TheFeed…no matter what you’re recovering from. Every morning you’ll hear musings from two of TheFeed’s editors and have the chance to share your thoughts on what’s going on in the gaming world. So buckle up, greet the new week with a hearty kick to the rear, and keep reading!
The Console Wars: Rise of the Machines
Stephen Johnson: With both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 cutting their prices over the last week to Wii levels, it’s like the old console wars from a few years ago are re-igniting.  But this time, there’s a difference: The Wii isn’t looking like the clear winner. If Sony and Microsoft can successfully spread the word to consumers about their new, competitive prices and the massively better machines each offers for the money, it could be a very unhappy holiday for Nintendo… unless, of course, we see a cheaper Wii.
‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’ Impressions
Raymond Padilla: The way everyone is raving about Batman: Arkham Asylum, you’d think that every superhero game released before it sucked. Don’t get me wrong, it deserves all the praise that’s being heaped on it, but it’s not like there haven’t been quality superhero games before. Hell, just a few months ago, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was thrilling people. I’ve enjoyed several Spider-Man, X-Men, DC, and Marvel games in the past and am greatly looking forward to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.
It just seems funny to me. Arkham Asylum gets recorded into the annals of history by Guinness and all of the sudden (some) people think older superhero games were bad. I know TheFeed’s audience is made of better stuff. So I’m asking you, on this fine Monday, to let me know what superhero games you’ve enjoyed in the past and what heroes you’d like to see in the future. Now please excuse me as I have to make my weekly call to Marvel and ask for a frickin’ Quasar game. Quantum Bands are cool.

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