Morning Hangover #62: Stephen Remembers TGS 2009 And Raymond Wonders If You’re Ready To Go (PSPgo)

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Tokyo Game Show - 2008 Feature Content
Stephen Johnson: Now that Tokyo Game Show is over and done with for another year, I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot of expert analysis from video-game journalists, bloggers, analysts and other blowhards. But you’ve seen the coverage: What do you think? What was the most exciting part of the show for you? What’s the biggest letdown? Has your gotta-get-these-games list changed because of what you’ve learned?
PSPgo Photos: The Beautiful Exterior
Raymond Padilla: Sony latest spin on handheld gaming — the PSPgo — hits stores this week. Eschewing UMDs for digital downloads, the PSPgo is a bold product — not just from an industrial design point of view, but also for being an early representative of gaming without physical media. Everyone knows that digital distribution is the future of games; it’s only a matter of time until the final bell tolls for discs. Is the time right for the PSPgo? Are gamers ready to go all digital? Or is the product hitting the market too early? More importantly, are any of you going to buy a PSP go this week? Why or why not?
Be sure to check out all of’s PSP go coverage hitting later today (awesome stuff just minutes from now)! [Uses TV news voice] Reporting from Yokohama, this is Raymond Padilla, (always wanted to say something like that).
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