Petition To Bring Alan Wake To PC Promoted By Remedy Community Site

Online Petition To Bring Alan Wake To PC Promoted By Remedy Community Site

For Xbox 360 users, the wait for Remedy’s psychological thriller Alan Wake has become laughable. It’s turned into one of the biggest running jokes in modern gaming. Yet, at some point next year, the waiting will be over, and the game will finally be released (As always, I’ll believe it when it’s in my disc tray). That is of course unless you want to play the game on PC, in which case you’ll want to settle into your waitin’ chair for the foreseeable future.

However, in classic Internet-based-rage fashion, the editors of an Alan Wake fansite in Germany ( started an online petition, urging Microsoft to release a PC version of the game, as originally planned, either simultaneously with the 360 version or shortly thereafter. Here’s the main thrust of the whole thing:

“We, your most loyal fans of Alan Wake and Remedy, don’t want Microsoft Game Studios history to repeat. Halo 1 was originally announced as a PC title, went to being an Xbox exclusive and finally came out more than a year later on PC. Not only did it far worse with critics because of a bad port, very few actually even cared about it anymore. Alan Wake deserves to have a different fate! It lies in your hands! Don’t disappoint your customers around the world!”

Remedy’s community site has taken it upon itself to bring attention to the petition, by posting about it on its official Twitter feed (@remedyalerts). Despite being an assuredly welcomed gesture, Remedy by its own admission has no say over the fate of a PC version of the game. That decision lies with Microsoft, and Microsoft has no plans to alter its current release schedule. If that upsets you, what are you going to do about it? Sign a petition! Ha! I’d like to see that.

On what platform would you prefer to play Alan Wake: Xbox 360 or PC?


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