Sony: We’re Not Developing New Xbox Experience-Esque Overhaul

Sony Isn't Developing New Xbox Experience-Esque Overhaul

I’m not a big fan of the cross media bar interface on the PlayStation 3. It’s functional, efficient and perfect for a handheld like the PSP, but after Microsoft’s impressive (if understandably flawed) overhaul of the Xbox 360 interface with last fall’s New Xbox Experience, I’ve been hoping Sony has been quietly working on something similar for their console. Apparently not.

"Right now the XMB [cross media bar] is an Emmy Award-winning interface and people like it," said Sony director of network operations Eric Lempel to CVG. "They’re very comfortable with it. So we’re not looking to do anything radical. We’ll still do some research behind the scenes and see what can we do to make things better, or how can we make it so consumers find content faster, but right now we’re pretty happy with it. No plans right now to do anything like what the competitor has done."

You know my thoughts already — something a little flashier isn’t a bad thing, is it?


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