Steven Spielberg Negotiating To Produce ‘Halo?’

Steven Spielberg Negotiating To Produce 'Halo?'

It seems that the Halo movie has not been completely fragged as of yet.

When we last heard of the Halo feature film project, it was in the context of the project’s demise. Peter Jackson, who had set out to produce the film adaptation with Neill Blomkamp on board to direct, went on record in post-Comic-Con interviews, expressing extreme disappointment in the fate of the project. The scrapping of the film was pretty much accepted as fact — life went on.

Enter the one and only Steven Spielberg, (the man who single-handedly rescued the Ark of the Covenant from Nazi Aliens before freeing the Jews from hordes of cloned dinosaurs.) According to IESB, they have it on good authority that Spielberg, one of the biggest directors of all time, is in negotiations to develop the story of Master Chief and his battles with the Covenenant and the Flood. As IESB explains:

"Spielberg is blown away by writer Stuart Beattie’s take on the game in his script entitled HALO THE FALL OF REACH. This coupled with the fact that his Dreamworks umbrella is looking for a big tent pole to help launch their newly independant studio with distribution over at Walt Disney Pictures after losing Transformers to Paramount in the separation, it’s the perfect combination."

Spielberg has actually been said to be a huge gamer. However, it might have been the whole idea of the human struggle against impending annihilation in a somewhat realistic, grandiose battle in space that may have intrigued Spielberg’s sensibilities. While one may argue that Battlestar Galactica conquered this premise in live-action media, Halo has the potential to put different ethical and theological questions into the mix, as well as address humanistic ideals that may be distinctive from Galactica’s "they are like us" premise. (Plus, a lot of scenes where s**t gets blown up.)

Combined with what will surely be amazing action sequences, we may also be shown a perspective on these issues from Master Chief who himself, is a living, breathing instrument of war, yet finds himself the last survivor of his kind. (Oh the metaphors!) Halo could be the movie that brings us the grand space war, but may distinguish itself in maintaining an atmosphere more fitting to the grim reality of conventional warfare, much like Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. However, it may not tread into the excessive, gritty, or grotesque as the upcoming Gears of War film will likely do.

To have such names as Peter Jackson and now (possibly) Steven Spielberg jockeying to get involved in this project, we may be hard-pressed to dismiss Halo as yet another "crappy video game movie."


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