Telltale Games’ Engine Doesn’t Yet Support The PlayStation 3

Telltale Games' Engine Doesn't Support PlayStation 3 Yet The next week and half will be a joyous time for LucasArts fans. We just heard word that a collection of 10 classic LucasArts games will be available via Steam starting July 8; the long awaited Tales of Monkey Island, the follow up to the famed adventure series, will be released tomorrow, and the Secret of Monkey Island of Special Edition is coming July 15.

Yet for all the love that LucasArts fans will be enjoying over the coming weeks, PlayStation 3 owners looking to share in the retro celebration will have to get their fix somewhere else, since none of the upcoming titles are being released for Sony’s console, and it could be a while before they show up on the PS3 as well.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Monkey Island master David Grossman says that Telltale Games, the development studio behind the Tales of Monkey Island episodic content, has yet to get its game engine up and running on the PS3. However, Grossman isn’t ruling out the possibility of bring these and/or future titles to the PS3 and other consoles, because “They’re all good channels, so we like to spread the joy around a little bit.”

Still, it is a bit odd that Telltale hasn’t managed (or been compelled enough) to add PS3 support yet. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for PS3 owners to enjoy these titles (PC being chief among them), so this whole thing will most likely pass quietly into the night without any fanboy outrage.


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