The Rules Of Cosplay Alley At TGS 2009

The Rules Of Cosplay Alley At TGS 2009

I spent a good hour taking photographs in a section of Tokyo Game Show called "cosplay alley." There is a specific section of the convention hall dedicated to cosplayers. The varying participants stand next to a wall, pose for shots and when the crowd for them has dried up, they leave and make room for the next set of cosplayers. If you want to be one of the folks snapping shots, though, there are rules to follow, which I was completely unaware of before I showed up. Serious business!

  • "Photography or filming near the ailes is prohibited."
  • "You must obtain persmission from the subject(s) before taking photographs or filming. Also, all photography and filming must be done with a wall in the background so as to avoid including other people in your shots."
  • "You will be asked to stop taking photographs or filming if staff judges it is causing inconvenience to others."

Luckily, I wasn’t kicked out. Phew.

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