The Saboteur New Impressions

‘The Saboteur’ Impressions

If there’s one thing Pandemic is skilled at, it’s providing you with a giant playground and access to every tool you could use to level said playground into smoldering ruins. Although you can’t blow Paris to bits in The Saboteur, there’s no shortage of methods you can use to send unwanted Nazi occupants back home in coffins. Lead designer Tom French dropped by our offices earlier today to show off some new gameplay prior to the game’s launch on December 8.  I can assure you that it looked great. Here’s some of my preview impressions:

"In addition to huge explosives, you can buy maps from resistance merchants that will provide you with locations to the 1300 occupation tools, from artillery weapons to propaganda loudspeakers. Once you destroy them, there’s a line-of-sight Nazi alert radius that seems to play on GTA4’s police radar. There’s many a rooftop radio tower as well, which evokes the high-flying moments of Assassin’s Creed, not to mention the concept of scaling tall buildings of a bygone historic era."

And if that didn’t get you excited, wait until tomorrow when we present a video walkthrough of French getting the Nazis all worked up until they throw everything but the kitchen sink at him.

After a huge bonanza of November titles, are you making space in your library for The Saboteur?

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