The Weekend Hot Sheet — Ten Ways To Better Comments

The Weekend Hot Sheet -- Ten Ways To Better Comments

This week was a big one for us at TheFeed: we re-launched the blog with a brand new look, some technical fixes under-the-hood, and a brand new commenting system that should greatly improve the communication between the symbiotic relationship that is us, the Editors, and you, the Readers.

So let’s take this time to take a step or two back and look at what makes good conversation. Here are ten helpful guidelines (we won’t call them rules…yet) for leaving comments on TheFeed, keeping the G4tv staff happy and primed to respond, and getting along well with your fellow fans of gaming. And as always, if you’ve got ideas for further improvements for TheFeed (we still do, too), then let us know.
How To Be Better With The Comment Making
1) Write With Pride
Nobody’s asking you to run a spellchecker or to even abide by strict rules of grammar (I myself tend to go lowercase in forum posts), just keep in mind that the more it looks like you care about your comments, the more people will care to respond. "lolz their bias" and "[system] sux" isn’t going to command much respect.
2) Be Creative
You guys and gals are funny, I’ve seen it. One of you is named BONERJAM, which is so hilarious it prompted me and Patrick to look up/make up a definition for use in the office. In the right dosage, sarcasm and humor and can go a long way. Just don’t try too hard.
3) Thumb Through It
All of you are emperors with our new thumb-based comment approval system. Fight the compulsion to respond to a clearly idiotic post (it only encourages them and increases the noise) and give ’em the old thumbs-down. If enough fellow readers share the sentiment, their comment will be buried where it belongs.
4) Disagree With Us
We’re not going to scold you or ban you for taking issue with something we write or say on TheFeed, just don’t be jerks about it. Did we get something factually wrong? Is there a typo in the story? Does our opinion not make sense, or are we overlooking valuable information? Let us know and we’ll try to make it right. (But again, don’t be jerks.)
5) First Out The Door
"First! Second! Third!" Gone.
6) Nice Threads
In addition to the Thumb of Judgment, we’ve installed a new threading system that will hopefully make comment ideas and tangents easier to follow. It’s going to take a while to get used to them — I’ve already been guilty of not replying directly — but hopefully you’ll appreciate the streamlined conversation flow.
7) Be Comfortable With Yourself
Primarily, be comfortable with your purchasing decision. Yes, this means the "Console Wars." There’s no reason for anybody to be dissatisfied with their console or PC rig of choice, which means that juvenile trolling should have no effect. Just let it slide and use the thumb system to fight back. (We’ll be watching for trolls, too. With weapons.)
8) Somebody Cares
You’re not going to win any friends by jumping into something you don’t care about, just to declare that you don’t care about it. If you truly don’t care about it, then really, don’t care about it and let the people who do care about it, care about it. Got it?
9) Check Yourself Lest You Wreck Yourself
Before you click on "submit," re-read your comment to make sure you got it right. Otherwise you might omit something important, like #9 on a top 10 list. Just an example.
10) The Golden Rule (And Silver Corollaries)
Treat others as you would have them treat you. Don’t slur, don’t pick fights. On the flip side, develop a thicker skin, stand by your arguments, and be willing to concede points. And always keep this in the back of your mind "…would I say that to someone standing in the same room?"
Thumbs Up!

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