Verizon Ramps Up LTE Investment. Paving The Way For iPhone Support?

Verizon Starts Subscription-Based Gaming ServiceThe dream of many an iPhone user of one day being able to enjoy the incredible technological power of Apple’s glorious handheld device while being able to make calls on a wireless network that does slip into a coma every time more than seven people try to make a call in a particular area could be closer to reality than ever before.

A while back, rumors cropped up regarding a possible iPhone partnership deal between Apple and Verizon. The crux of the argument was that because Verizon was ramping up its research into LTE technology (aka 4G), and if Verizon could get to market with LTE support around the same time as AT&T, then both companies would be able to support the iPhone (and by that time, AT&T exclusivity deal with Apple will have expired).
Well, things are heating up once again in this tech-love triangle, with TechCrunch reporting that Verizon is expecting to roll out its LTE network in 20-30 markets by the second half of 2010, well ahead of when AT&T expects to have its LTE network up and running. In the meantime though, it seems that Apple could still be looking to strike a deal with Verizon for its recently revealed iPod Touch-like tablet device.

Because the tablet doesn’t have a microphone, and therefore can’t make or receive calls, the AT&T deal wouldn’t apply, and Apple would then be free to formulate some kind of data service plan with Verizon for the new device. Between the promises of 60 MBPS speeds, and AT&T’s notoriously unreliable network, it’s not hard to imagine an Apple/Verizon deal being reached sooner rather later.



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