Basic Dos And Don’ts That Will Keep Septic Systems Queensland In Their Optimal Performance

For homes that are not connected to community sewerage systems in Queensland, septic systems Queensland have proven effective in helping with drainage and disposal of waste. These systems are basically a combination of a tank, a drainfield and soil under the drainfield. The drainfield facilitates waste disposal to the soil, which often contains essential components that neutralizes bacteria and chemicals found in waste. The neutralizing is a vital process that prevents harmful chemicals from getting into the groundwater or nearby rivers and lakes.

Taking good care of your system is a necessary process that will ensure it is in tip top shape throughout the year. The good thing is that the process is as simple as following a few basic guidelines and general care and maintenance tips. Here are some tips to you get started.

For starters, you should know that tree roots can cause damage to your system, compromising on its efficiency and functionality. As such, always plant trees a minimum of 100 feet way from the system. For trees with deeper aggressive roots, such as the willows, you should ensure they are even farther away as they can significantly interfere with your systems performance.

Secondly, you should know that a soggy drainfield will not absorb and neutralize waste as it is supposed to. Some measures need to be taken to ensure excess water is diverted away from the drainfield. Such measures include having a good landscape design, installing roof gutters, and building foundation drains that will absorb and divert water. Still on point, water conservation measures will help keep the drainfield clear off excess water. Such measures are as simple as doing laundry several times throughout the week rather than doing all at once.

The other way you can ensure your system is in tip top shape is to avoid disposing off such things as paper towels, facial tissues, sanitary napkins, tampons, cat litter, diapers, coffee groundnuts, and cigarette butts through the system; for the simple reason that they will fill up and clog it sooner than you expect.

When using cleaners, it is often advisable that you avoid those that contain bleach as they are known to wash away good bacteria. Needless to mention, when good bacteria is killed from the tank, it means solids will not be broken down as fast as they should to keep the system functioning at its optimal. Good maintenance is also about keeping the system grease-free. Do not pour grease on the drain as it will clog it and unclogging it will not only be a time consuming process but also a very expensive one.

Closely related to the above-mentioned tips, you should avoid pouring hazardous chemicals on the drain as they can harm the system and eventually get into the groundwater. Planting grass on top of the drainfield is often recommended to help minimize soil erosion.

Some people believe that septic additives can add good bacteria to the system, while others believe they are a total waste of time and money. The fact that these enzyme products are affordably priced means you can always try them yourself to know how effective, or ineffective thereof, they are. Be sure to research online on septic systems Queensland and you are sure to find more info on how to care for your unit for optimal performance.

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