Common Types Of Moles, With Alternative Earthcare

If you’re familiar with moles, you probably already know that digging is their specialty. Alternative Earthcare, as well as other companies, will tell you that they can fall into different species as well. It’s important to know how they differ from one another, so that they can be easily classified. The following species are among the most common and, by the end of this, you should have a better understanding of these mammals.

Star-Nosed Moles – According to companies such as Alternative Earthcare, star-nosed moles are ones that you might come across if you live in eastern Canada or the United States. The way that you can recognize these is by the projections surrounding their snouts. These result in star-like appearances, hence the aforementioned name. This is just one of the many species that Hampton tick control specialists can tell you of.

European Moles – If you live outside of the United States, this might be the type of mole you’ll encounter the most. European moles are native to this particular continent, the United Kingdom in particular, and are defined by the underground tunnels they create. Not only are they naked to the human eye but they are constantly extending to boot. What this means is that these mammals can travel in nearly limitless paths.

Broad-Footed Moles – Unlike other creatures in this family, broad-footed moles live at higher elevations. The fact that they can be found at around 3,000 meters makes them distinct, but you should know where they’re common as well. California and Oregon are where broad-footed moles thrive, in addition to certain parts of Mexico. When learning about these mammals, it would be a mistake not to make note of the broad-footed variety.

When it comes to the species of mole out there, the ones covered earlier are among the most common in the world. There are certain distinctions to be made between them, but this doesn’t change the fact that they have to be maintained. Fortunately, those who specialize in mole control will be able to protect your lawn from them. By doing so, the quality of your property will be nothing short of striking.

Visit Alternative Earthcare if you’d like further details about mole control.

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